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Children and Brain Health

“Want to help you children get smarter?.

Studies suggest that higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil can raise I.Q. scores.

There is a link

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Gluten Free Product Labeling

Recently the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) released new standards for labeling packaged foods as “Gluten Free”. In the new rules, manufacturers can label products as “Gluten Free” when they contain fewer than 20 parts per million of gluten. This is good news for celiacs and those following a gluten free diet, however, other substances can act like gluten or cause gluten-type reactions. One of which is MSG (Monosodium Glutamate). Foods containing MSG do not have to be labeled as such and can be problematic for those sensitive to gluten. So for now, continue reading those labels! Packaged foods containing MSG or market as containing “spices” can be problematic to those sensitive, so beware!

For more information see the following article from USA Today.

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Beyond Gluten

For many patients going gluten free is not enough for them to have improved health.

The problem may not be gluten at all, but much broader.

Plants have evolved producing natural defenses to predators, such as insects, animals and yes..humans.

This natural defense are lectins and they are found in grains, legumes and nightshades (potatoes and tomatoes).

I hope you find this link informative.

Lectin article

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Protect your ability to receive customized compounded medications

The ultimate fate of compounding could be greatly affected if SB 959 is passed. This senate bill is currently under debate in Washington and stands to give the FDA unprecedented power to control your ability to received customized medications. Millions of Americans will loose access to BHRT, pain therapies, specialized veterinary meds, as only a few of the many valuable roles these custom therapies provide. Do you part and learn your valuable role at

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Cut your risk of Prostate Cancer

The value of sleep seems to be unappreciated. A new study shows the quality of a man’s sleep is directly linked to his chances of developing prostate cancer. The study included 2102 men and results showed a proportional increase in the rate of prostate cancer when compared the severity if the sleep disorder. Just one more reason why sleep promotes a health and wellness lifestyle. To read more see article.

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Have you had your vitamin D checked?

Even though its summer and sun exposure is up, checking your vitamin D levels is so critical. A new National Institutes of Health study adds one more reason to optimize Vitamin D levels. Women in the study whose Vitamin D levels were above 20ng/ml were 32% less likely to develop uterine fibroids than those below that level. Current studies tend to point to an optimal level for 25-hydroxy vitamin D at 70-90 ng/ml. This latest study is just one more reason to have your vitamin D levels checked. For the study.

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Welcome to Magnolia Pharmacy

Big things coming to the blog soon. Check it out for the latest in health and wellness.

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